Friday, 11 November 2011

This Weeks End

This has been a rough week. I have worked far too many shifts, most of which have involved heated clashes and extreme differences of opinion in appropriate patient care with other professionals. It has been a week of fatigue, anger and frustration.

Fortunately I now have six days off(just part of my offduty, I worked the first four days at fifteen hours a piece of this week and next week all my shifts are at the end of the week). This would be a much more welcome piece of information if I were not broke. I am being paid well enough, I am very careful with my money and dont really go in for luxuries, I am a very practical person. So why is it my wages are lasting less and less each month? I've noticed no obvious increase in any of my bills or normal expenses. I am still managing to cover all my outgoings but it it a little troubling,

I guess this will be just another month of work and staying at home. It could be worse I guess....

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