Thursday, 23 December 2010


I have a couple of days off now before my fourteen hour shift christmas day. Myself and my fiancee are currently on the A34 on our way to Cheltenham where two of her friends are getting married tomorrow. I have recently discovered how to post by emailing from my phone. Empowered by the spirit of adventure I thought I'd use this system for posting today and I've even tried to add a picture of my first activity when I get to Cheltenham. Although I'm not sure of I can add pictures this way.

I'm glad to have the day off. My body is still aching from my shift yesterday. My ward is the only ward in our division that isn't closed to admissions due to diarrhoea and vomiting. This means that when ICU needs to move a few patients out to make room for the very sick all of their high care patients are coming to us. Every patient I cared for yesterday was very sick. I am very proud of myself, I did not bow to the pressure of my superiors to work faster and spend less time with each patient. I took my time, prioritised and yes I did forego my breaks and I even left an hour late but everyone one of my patients became stable largely due to my actions. I even found the time to feed two patients and acquire some mouthwash for one patient who has developed very painful mouth ulcers which are limiting her nutritional intake.

Having spoken to the other newly qualified nurses on the ward we are all equally displeased and have even gone as far as saying we are wasting our days off panicing about our next day at work and who we might be working with. The knowledge I am not alone in feeling this way has helped me considerably. I am enjoying the acuity and the patient groups. Who I work with and the lack of support are obstacles to be disregarded until such a time as they can be overcome.

I wish all of my readers a very happy Christmas. Eat well, drink to the upper range of your limits and most importantly be safe.
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Monday, 20 December 2010

Vintage Whine

So it turns out that I'm not enjoying being qualified. I am enjoying the job, just not where I am doing it. I am entirely unsupported and the team I'm working in consists of people who don't know or like each other. Not exactly a friendly environment. I have to admit I am currently living day off to day off.

I was trying to hold off posting until things picked up however all evidence suggests this won't happen so here I am submitting another whiney post.

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