Monday, 2 January 2012

New Year, New Rules

As always I feel a sense of hope when starting a new year. What will I learn or discover in the coming twelve months, How will my life be altered, who will I meet and what stories will I have to tell come december?

I know this year will be filled with work, because every year since I turned sixteen has. Where will my career lead me this year? My plan is to stay where I am for at least another sixteen months(which will take me to the two year mark). I always intended to move on from this post at two years....or when the learning curve no longer satisfies me. Fortunately I am quite happy learning and developing my skills at the moment so in all probability I will remain on a specialist high care unit for a while longer.

I have two holidays planned, One for my birthday I want to return home to cornwall, however this will be my wifes first trip to my home county and I wanted to experience something new with her so we are going to Mevigissey on the south coast of cornwall, a place I have never been before(to my recollection). It looks beautiful. We are renting a cottage in March, hopefully this will avoid the masses of tourists that flood the streets of cornwall every year. If anyone has been there I would appreciate some feedback. My second holiday is my yearly fellwalking trip to the lake district. We may go twice, the first time I'll take my wife and one of my friends, as my wife dislikes fellwalking but enjoys the view and the solitude with a good book. This will allow me to safely tick a few more fells off my list. The second time I shall just take my wife and we can enjoy a cosy week perhaps  just before winter when there is benefit to snuggling up by a fire.

Many of my friends and family have expressed an expectation that children are the next immediate step to my marriage, Whilst if my wife fell pregnant I would by no means be upset I am currently enjoying being a young newly-wed with the finances and time to see more of the world. However time changes many a plan so who knows how many members of my family there may be come December.

Unfortunatley there are also some expected deaths in my family this year, I hope that when these wonderful people pass it is in comfort and peace. They are stout methodists so I also hope they find some comfort in their peace and find whatever it is they are looking for beyond this life.

I feel I have ended this brief post(hopefully the first of many for the year) on a sad note. However it would be niave to expect the new year to bring only happy things. I just hope that the good outweighs the bad for myself, my friends, family and whatever readership I have retained on this blog.

Happy New Year Everyone