Sunday, 13 November 2011

Perfect Moments

Life has been so hectic recently, When I am not at work I'm thinking about work. Financial and other such issues work their way into my head too.

Not so now.. Its a beautiful sunday morning. I am sat with my cup of freshly brewed coffee, the beans I bought from salisbury market yesterday(a wonderful Gautamalan dark roast). My wife has just left for work but we spent a great day together yesterday, and I am listening to song light folk music.

This  may not be your idea of perfect, dear reader. However my advise to you is this go into the world today and seek out your perfect moment. Find it, sit in it, take a deep breath and smile. This is what life is, a series of perfect moments interconnected with unimportant worldly matters.


Sage said...

so very true, life is too precious to waste it with moments of pure joy and we are all different in our tastes.. I find my perfect moment is dependant on the time of year - mown grass in the summer, and the earthiness of autumn, the crispness of frosts in winter and the warmth of the sun in spring... off to hibernate now with a good book xx

Vincent said...

I'm glad to hear this, Asclepius, and love in particular your final sentence. When the perfect moment happens, never mind what triggered it. This is what life is for, and the moment may expand into timelessness.

Sage said...

Asclepius - Many thanks for an interesting blog, may there be many more posts in 2012. Wishing you and mrs Asclepius a happy new year xx