Monday, 5 April 2010

Time off.....AGAIN!

I am approaching the end of my course, qualification awaits. All I have to do is pass this final placement. Which given the proficiencies I have to demonstrate shouldnt be a problem. These a proficiencies that frankly any third year student nurse should have been proving for over a year now.

The trouble is I am currently on a very very long easter break from this placement. Eight weeks!. Most people seem to enjoy a bit of time off. I love the odd day doing nothing. However there are no bank shifts going at my hospital due toa combination of closing wards and everyone else being off and wanting work. My personal problem is that when I am left without work for a prolonged period I always seem to find a way to very expertly derail my life. This usually involves a combination of boredom and either over-exercise or over-drinking. Whilst alcohol doesnt cause me to make as big a fool out of myself as it seems to most people. It does trigger a massive personality change in which I become a complete and utter bastard. Fortunately for me I am marrying a girl who knows how to handle this. Generally with strong words or a series of increasingly painful slaps around the back of the head.

I just get sooooo bored when I have no work to do.