Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Married! The Finale

So far I had gotten through the ceremony and my speech without slipping up. I was fully aware that my only three duties that day were the ceremony, the speech and the first dance.

The latter was causing me come concern. I had been receiving dance lessons in order to respectably pull off my first dance. I am not exaggerating when I say I am completely unable to dance, its never been a requirment in any training or education I have received, added to this while all my peers were informally learning to dance by going to nightclubs I always opted for a nice warm pub.

The DJ called for myself and my wife to take to the floor for our first dance. Lonestar - Amazed started and we started our.....routine. It was going perfectly and I was rather proud of myself for not placing my size fourteens on either my wifes dress or her tiny feet. We were about thirty seconds from the end of the song. I was nearly done! ....then disaster struck, the audio cut out. The DJ was terribly embarressed but promised to sort it out swiftly. At which point five of my friends sprung into action - A sound engineer, an electronics engineer, a network engineer, a functioning genius and most importantly a pub landlord who had his own mixing desk in the boot of his car. Within five minutes we were set back up. We restarted our first dance and completed it well. So I managed to get two first dances. This situation didnt bother me, everything elese was going so smoothly that this just added a little character to the evening. Myself and my wife then took our own mothers to the dance floor and everyone else joined us. Halfway through the first song one of my best men did something that really impressed me, He cut in for a dance with my mother. Good Man!

The rest of the evening passed without event, the hog roast was stunning, the DJ sang various incredible tributes to the ratpack and then did the rounds performing magic tricks. I wasnt expecting magic! The night ended with a few songs tailored for my enjoyment - Kansas, Boston, etc

All in all it was a perfect day. We got to celebrate the most important day of our lives with those we love, ate well and got to party well afterwards. We liked the hotel so much I ended up booking hte honeymoon suite for another night and spending the following day in the spa.

|The day after we set off for the lake district where we spent a week doing absolutely nothing and loving every second of it. Now we are just waiting for the official honeymoon in september......


Sage said...

Sounds like you and the wife have some amazing memories of the day, are you going to allow Mrs Hippocrates Got Lost her own guest post of the day (just to balance things you understand).. size 14's yee god's caruthers.. didn't realise feet grew that big lol xx

Asclepius said...

I've suggested she guest post, but shes less than keen. Writing has never really been her thing.

My shoe size is a great annoyance. One of the reasons I generally only wear boots, there are very few shoes to pick from when you get to the 14s. Fortunately I am quite tall so it all sort of balances out. In contrast my wife can get shoes tax exempt because her feet are tiny.