Thursday, 14 August 2008


Unfortunately one or two personal and academic problems have prevented me blogging too much of late and to be honest as I'm on a break from the wards I probably wouldnt have much of interest to say anyway.

During my time off I have thrown myself back into St John Ambulance. Which despite being an organisation with a poor reputation, which is mostly down to most of its senior members spending their time acting like catty teenage girls, has nurtured me. Before I joined I had no interest in healthcare, I didnt know enough to even think about it. After an incident whilst looking after my sister I asked my neighbour, who is the Divisional Superintendant of a local division, if he could take me down so I could learn some first aid. The confidence and the skills the organisation has given me is something I am grateful for. Most of this gratitude is aimed at this one man who introduced me to sja, and thus the world of healthcare.

You may ask why I would think anyone would find this interesting? Frankly I dont. There are three people I can honestly say have drastically effected the person I am today. The above man is one of them. The other two are teachers.

During secondary school(year 9 I think) I was bored. Very bored. I'm not saying I was terribly bright but in comparison to half of my year I was einstein himself. So I stopped paying attention in class, My grades slipped and I spent most of year 10 in the bottom set. It was during year 10 that my german teacher told me that if I even got an F in GCSE german It would be a miracle. This woman was the least professional teacher I had ever met. Fortunately at the end of year 10 she decided she didnt want to teach german any more and moved on to IT and Drama. So we had a new German Teacher. Mrs Hogg. This woman single handedly got my arse in gear, she took a student who was facing near impossible odds at passing and I ended up getting a C, had I been in the higher set I would have gotten an A. She didnt just motivate me towards german though, She opened my eyes and I ended up getting very pleasing grades for my GCSE's. Mrs Hogg died last month.

Whilst my eyes had been opened thanks to Mrs Hogg, I started paying attention in all my classes. This included Biology. Any of you who know me, know that Biology is my first love. This wasnt always so. Mrs Clarke is largely responsible for this. She tought the subject with such passion and vigor that I couldnt help but fall in love with it. I can still remember the first day I started listening in one of her classes and Biology suddenly made sense. Without this teacher my natural aptitude for biology may never have been realised and I would be almost utterly without passion and cause.

So to these people I thank you.

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