Monday, 18 August 2008


Firstly I had some very good news today. I am now a second year nursing student. YAY!

Unfortunately karma is an evil bitch. Half of one of my back teeth broke off. This feels and looks bad. So I phoned the dentist for an emergency appointment. The Following conversation took place -

Receptionist: We have an emergency appointment a week tomorrow.
Me: How is it an emergency appointment if its in eight days?!
Receptionist: Well you dont sound like you're in much pain.
Me: I'm glad to see the NHS train you in the art of triage, however if I want someones opinion on fonts and margins I will ask you, if I want someones assessment on my tooth, I WANT TO SEE A DENTIST.

The result being I have an emergency appointment in eight days time. Wooo!

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Sage said...

Congratulations on surviving and passing year one.. best wishes for this second year.

oooh.. hate dentists and having to wait for a week when your teeth are in bits is so not good.. commiserations