Tuesday, 27 March 2012


It's my birthday today. To celebrate this my wife has brought me home, sort of. We are staying in Mevagissey some forty minutes from where I was born and raised. Today we visited the harbour town of Polperro, by far my favourite place on the globe.

Tomorrow we hit lands end, st michaels mount and portreath. It's amazing the therapeutic effect being home has had on me. I haven't felt this good in years.

In summery there is always something special to be found in remembering where you came from.


Sage said...

I can see Portreath from my front door, as I am on a hill outside of Redruth.. if you and the wife would like to meet for a coffee just let me know xx ps Happy Birthday

Asclepius said...

Sorry Sage only just checked my blog. I fully intend to spend a lot more time back home. I should get your email address for next time.