Thursday, 28 July 2011

Energy Drinks

I was just reading a facinating case study about a patient who was admitted to an emergency department in London. The patient presented with repeated unexplained fits, he was unconscious, tachycardic(fast pulse) at 160 with an irregular rhythm. His oxygen saturations were 52% on air(should be over ninety, anything less than eighty is extremely worrying).  All this paints the picture of a patient in a lot of trouble. He had a past medical history of heroin and cocaine abuse however was in a halfway house following a successful rehabilitation process. His toxin screen and drug tests all came back negative but his blood ph was extremely acidic at 6.2 (I wasnt even aware this was compatible with life).

It turns out he had drunk a mug of coffee and six cans of red bull in the space of four hours. This had taxed his heart, brain and lungs.

My sister drinks loads of energy drinks more or less constantly. I cant help but wonder what effect these drinks are having on her and where they may lead.

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