Friday, 10 June 2011

I'm really back this time.

After many false starts I decided to leave this blog until I had more time and some new experiences to tell you all about. The last few months have probably been the most active of my life. I have(I hope correctly) set my next five posts up to time release so this blog should be increasingly active. I also have drafts for at least ten more based on notes I have been making for the last three months.

A little indicator of what has been going on in my life - I am now married! I have a new job, I have discovered various new ales and my reading list is finally getting smaller after years of books being added at a greater rate than I can read.

Hopefully at least some of this will provide passable reading to anyone still keeping an eye on this blog.


Vincent said...

Congratulations, Asclepius and best wishes to both of you. As you present it, a wedding is an ordeal to prove a commitment already demonstrated by facts, and to allow others to have a good time at your expense. None of my offspring have got married, though I have 3 grandchildren: the likelihood diminishes as their children reach their teens. Oh well.

Are you going to post about the new ales you have discovered, and the books you have been reading?

From a faithful reader.

Asclepius said...

Fear not it is all to come.