Monday, 20 December 2010

Vintage Whine

So it turns out that I'm not enjoying being qualified. I am enjoying the job, just not where I am doing it. I am entirely unsupported and the team I'm working in consists of people who don't know or like each other. Not exactly a friendly environment. I have to admit I am currently living day off to day off.

I was trying to hold off posting until things picked up however all evidence suggests this won't happen so here I am submitting another whiney post.

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Sage said...

Questions to ask : Can you fix it? Can it be improved? if the answer to either or both of those is no then you need to start looking around for something else or somewhere else. Best wishes xx

Asclepius said...

Sound advice. I cant fix it and I cant see it improving. The staff turnover on this ward is insane because everyone has come to the conclusion I have "I am being paid next to nothing to work fourteen hour shifts and I come home feeling like this? lifes too damn short for this".

I thought it was just me but the other newly qualified nurses ....and the long term staff feel the same. I also got moved to another ward not to long ago as they were short a staff nurse. The team there was incredible, they were so supportive of each other and me. The sisters didnt spend all their time locked in the office they were actually on the ward working. It was with a shock that I realised that this incredible ward wasnt the current ward is.