Monday, 3 May 2010


I'm currently on a break from university. This time is intended to allow us to apply for jobs and prepare ourselves for life in the real world. Many people have asked me what it feels like to almost be a qualified nurse. To this I tend to explain that if I were a blacksmith having completed an apprenticeship I would be considered a journeyman blacksmith. The journeyman is someone who has fully learned the core of their trade but is far from being a master. I am soon to be a journeyman nurse.

Whilst I am waiting to start my final placement I have been getting rather interested in the political situation. Over the last two weeks I have found my self at one point or another supporting each of the three main parties. After weeks of seeing the pro's and con's of each of the parties I have come to the following conclusion. I really dont care who is in power, all I really want is for tomorrow to be more or less the same as yesterday. Where there are sick people there will always be nurses. so I will always have a job(a job I love), I have a mortgage, a gorgeous fiance and a very mischievious cat. My world is a near perfect place. In the coming years there are things which may further enrich my life. By and large nothing that truly matters to me will be effected should any one of the party leaders become prime minister.


Sage said...

Good luck with the final placement. Hope all goes well and you soon make your journey across the apprenticeship tables to become a journeyman :-)

I hope whoever takes over, does a good job of fixing the bigger problems with the country and not just a series of quick fixes that get the popularity votes and leave the bigger problems of lack of beds, patient care and number of jobs at the front line in jeopardy.

Don't fancy relocating to the south-west do you? just kidding

Vincent said...

Carry on Nurse! You have chosen one of the noblest professions, which I place above doctoring, as it does a similar job without the same ego-posturing.

I was treated by a "journeyman nurse" the other day, having suffered a traveller's accident in Jamaica - dropped a suitcase on my big toe which subsequently went septic. I think I was the first patient for whom she wrote a prescription - for some floxicillin antibiotic capsules.

Long may you love your job, and may your cat be superseded by human offspring as time goes on!

Asclepius said...

Sage - Actually my family hail from Cornwall. A small insignificent place called Kilkhampton.

Vincent - Sorry to hear about your foot. My fiance is already timetabling our progeny. Shes a yorkshire lass and it seems they have big families up there. Very scary thought.

As far as the politics go, very little labour promised when they were first voted in has come to pass. Despite the fact our current prime minister is the former chancellor of the exchequer our economic stability is going from bad to worse. I know which party I would vote for if I felt they were likely to effect any of the changes they are promising. However labour came to power with less than 35% of the eligable population actually turned up to vote. This is far from representing the masses. I may not have any faith in any of the potential leading parties but I do feel that no-one has the right to complain about the state of the country if they dont vote.

Anonymous said...

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