Wednesday, 17 February 2010

State of Relax

Immediately after my post the other day explaining my recent writers block in regards to one of my assignments I sat down and wrote over a thousand words. Some of the best I have ever put into an assignment, I really am rather pleased. Whilst the assignment still has a few hundred words to go I am taking some time to relax. Between work, social and family obligations recently I hadnt realised how badly I need to just stop and do nothing.

I'm currently on the healthcare worker diet. This is an involuntary diet all healthcare professionals are on it involves getting up at 0630 every morning, this time being far too early for me to eat(even toast this early makes me feel sick). Dragging myself into work for a strong cup of low quality black coffee(so strong it could easily be mistaken for gravy). Working for eight or fourteen hours without a chance to have a break or even go to the toilet. Leaving work an hour and a half late because the ward is understaffed and you feel somehow obligated to help pick up the slack. By the time you get home you just about have the energy to fall into a hot shower. You drink a huge quantity of water because you have been sweating all day and not had a chance to drink any water. By the time you have consumed an adequate quantity of water you no longer feel hungry, knowing you should eat something you grab a piece of toast and fall into bed, ready to repeat the process in seven hours time.

Thanks to this process I have gone from a starting weight of 106kg(when I started my course) to 86kg. So its not all bad, although my professional opinion is the healthcare worker diet is extremely dangerous.

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