Friday, 15 January 2010

Growing Up

Recently I have been mulling over fond memories of my later childhood. Spending whole nights playing various computer games with my friends, exchanging witticisms over irc. Sunny summer days spent sitting on the grass in a nearby towns park just relaxing. I used know exactly when my favourite authors next book was due out.

Now my life is all sixty hour weeks, assignments, wedding plans, mortgage payments. As far as my favourite author goes even if he hadnt died I'm certain I wouldnt be able to name any of his recent books. As for my friends, I see very few people from those days. I suppose this is just what growing up is and I am certain there are stresses and problems from those times that I am not remembering.

There is nothing in my life currently I would want to be without, I am in a really good place. However I wouldnt mind a touch of the carefree days of youth entering my life again just for a while.


Sage said...

I agree wholeheartedly with your post, life is full of compromises and if you had told my 25 year self what life would be like in 25 years time I wouldn't have believed me... still I occasionally manage to read the odd book now and again.. but would I change anything... not a chance

Hogday said...

Looking back makes you bump into things - ouch!

Asclepius said...

Sage - I think thats how you gauge the success or failure of your path, If you can say I wouldnt change anything it cant be bad.

Hogday - I like that! I may have to use it in conversation.

Vincent said...

But you have the focus on your life now, and that is enviable enough!