Friday, 24 April 2009

A&E: Day Two

Back on majors again today, and loving it. A couple of old ladies collapse query cause. This means taking a full set of basic tests - ECG, Pulse, Blood Pressure, O2 Saturation, Resp Rate, Temperature. And blood tests including - Full Blood Count(FBC), Microcultures and Sensitivities(MC&S), Blood Glucose Levels, etc. Because its easy enough treating the injuries sustained in the fall but the cause could be very sinister. In this case on patient was admitted with fast atrial fibrilation(Fast AF) and the other wise discharged as the fall was caused by a raging urinary tract infection(UTI, very well known for knocking little old ladies off their feet and making them a little crazy at the same time).

We also had a couple dementia patients who didnt stay with us long, they were admitted for a social sort out. Not really our job but the ward nurses are very used to this sort of thing.

All in all another awesome shift, Roll on Tomorrow!

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