Thursday, 12 March 2009


So tomorrow is the last day of my InterProfessional Learning Unit for this year. Myself and a group of medical students, ot students, pharmacy students and other nursing students have been auditing some bits and bobs on a neonatal unit. Its been fun but I really miss being a real student nurse so I'm glad this is nearly over.

One thing I haev learned from this unit is that neonatal care scares the hell out of me. I'm an adult branch nursing student. Adults and big, smelly and in general foolish. They are far less fragile than neonates(usually). In general if a neonate is sick enough to be admitted to a ward they are probably balancing on a knife edge. Adults get admitted for everything from a social sort out to the sniffles.

I also have a hard time connecting with paedeatrics and neonatal nurses. In my experiences adult nurses bond with the use of dark humour and grim satire. Paeds nurses are all happy and bubbly. Its probably hard to apply dark humour to critically ill babies.

After tomorrow I get to spend a few days in the lake district. to relax, recoup and drink heavily. Then i'm back and spending a few months in my local A&E department. I am really looking forward to this however I suspect my only duties are going to be taking obs. I cant imagine there is a lot in A&E students are allowed to do.

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