Sunday, 7 December 2008

Drinking it In

Every shift I turn up at work half an hour early. I grab a cup of coffee and sit in plain view of the ward. Its the only time you get a chance to do this. Once you start working you have the blinkers on and you cant really get a feel for whats happening on the rest of the ward. So i sit, and I watch, I watch where the carers are focusing the most attention (even if they dont realise it themselves) I assess which patients will need two for assistance with a wash and which will need one. I note the noisey dementia patient who was probably screaming all night and make sure that is the last bay I go to so the others in there can get some rest once I have moved her to a cubicle.

I sit there and let it wash over me. And I have to say, its an incredible feeling. I am definitely an acute ward nurse. The ward is my home, and whilst I have the highest respect for scrub nurses I could never be one, I dont have it in me, and as far as community goes? I dont have the stamina to see hundreds of patients who all need wound dressings every week. I love wound dressing but not in that quantity.

On equal note I dont think I could be a surgical nurse for all of my career. This is more down to preference I am a medically minded person. I love the intricies of renal failure and the challenges of COPD.

I am an acute medical ward nurse.


Lakeland Jo said...

I enjoyed reading your blog- its an interesting insight. I was in hospital quite a bit last year-its good to hear the other side of the story

Happy1 said...

Having just discovered you blog I have been reading through all of your posts.

I have a feeling you will be an A&E nurse ;)

You have good insight and observation skills for a 2nd year student, and excellent nursing and medical knowledge/awareness.

Good luck with the rest of your studies.

RN (A&E)