Monday, 24 November 2008

Noro Novo

I've spent the last week off sick due to a pesky little virus called the norovirus. The basic symptoms of this virus are D+V. When I got back to work yesterday and my ward is closed to all admissions and discharge due to this virus. 25 of our 27 patients have it. One week may not sound like a huge amount of time to have off sick but thats only the amount of time it took before I was no longer infectious. The 72 hours starvation and massive dehydrated have taken their toll. I've lost 10kg in 6 days and still feel week as a kitten. Now I am reletively fit normally and its hit me this hard. Imagine how its hitting the elderly and recently post operative on my gastro ward. Additionally all the nursing staff are having to work harder under more stress because they are massively understaffed and this is making them more vulnerable to the virus.

The patient who originally had the virus died shortly after she was admitted to the ward, in the space of two hours she manged to infect enough people to start this. The interesting thing is this virus is ancient, its been around since hte begining of recording history (that or virii very similar to it) and its learned to adapt and survive everything the human body can throw at it

I'm not saying we should all be in awe of this virus but I am. Its defied the basic principles of evolution - Survival of the fittest, and its not evil, its not a life form going about its dark purposes, its just an entity that is doing what all living things do, finding means to replicate, the damage it does to the environment that supports it is completely accidental.

It has been stated that the only thing that exists beyond good and evil is death which does not discriminate, does not seek the good or evil, it strikes all without thought or intention. I would argue that life also its beyond good and evil, the struggle to survive against any and all odds without intention or inclination towards either good nor evil.

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