Friday, 28 November 2008

Highs and Lows

Yesterday I got to run my own bay, with six acutely ill patients. There was no one watching my back, I had my own healthcare assistant and I was responsible for getting one of the qualified nurses to administer drugs when I asked them. If I didnt ask the patient didnt get. It was huge for me, I didnt screw up, it all came off without a hitch and was a massive step for my training.

Unfortauntely today I am feeling rough, very rough. My ward is still infected with norovirus and I was hoping the fact I had only just gotten over this virus meant I had a greater resistance. Unfortunately Virii have a habit of mutating so the immune system cant recognise it and you just end up getting reinfected.

Also given I have just reread this post It appears I'm not thinking too clearly either.


Anonymous said...

urgh, get better soon!

Sage said...

I agree.. mind you the cold spell we are having right now might help disperse some of the nastier viruses...

Hope you feel better soon..

zeltus said...

Jan and I have been suffering a mild norovirus-like illness for a few weeks now... as you indicate, noroviruses are one of those bugs that mutate a lot.

Yet we live in a pretty unpopulated part of rural France. And still we get ill!

Incidentally, the plural of viruses is, umm, viruses. Not virii. Unless you're a l33t 'puter hacker that is - they seem to like the made-up virii a lot.

Whatever, get well soon.

Asclepius said...

The correction on my use of virii is noted. :D one of the bad habbits i've picked up in my computing life.

Thank you all for your well wishing :D.