Friday, 26 September 2008

Explaining All

So all of my fellow nursing students are in lectures. I'm on placement and in lectures. This is exhausting me. As so many people keep asking me why this is I thought I'd just post it on here and direct them all to it. Makes my life a little easier.

In order to pass a placement you have to have certain proficiencies signed off by your mentor who is responsible for guiding your education on the ward. I got through 11 weeks of the placement, there were two more to go and my mentor came up to me and said 'I cant sign your proficiencies off....I've never been behind a curtain with you and a patient'. She was quite correct, she just set me tasks and I got on with it either myself or with another nurse. Two weeks was not enough time to be observed doing all of the required things, she'd effectively failed me on this placement. She had never seen me do a damn thing. I explained that I felt it was unfair I was being punished for this and removed myself from the ward pending a chat with my academic tutor. My academic tutor got me into negotiations with the ward and I am back. Making up time sort of. However I could not be granted an extension on the handing in of my documentation for this ward because the university do not condone having a student in full time lectures and full time work at the same time(however unofficially this was the deal that was cut for me). This is why I am exhausted. And it seems I've failed the placement regardless of weather my proficiencies are signed. Where this leaves me I have no idea.

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Sage said...

That is so unfair, if you are supposed to be assessed throughout the period then that is what they should have done or ensured that in the two remaining weeks that you were sufficiently given time to prove your capabilities, not fair to be told you hadn't got enough time.. their fault = their responsibility..

Please complain about this and ensure that the University provides you with the support you need to get you through this difficult time.