Friday, 11 July 2008


I'm sick. This is not good as it means I have to make up some placement hours at a later date. However it is unmistakably my bodies way of retaliating to the high stress, low sleep and food, dehydration that comes with being a student nurse on a massively understaffed Acute Medical ward.

For the first time in my life in care work, yesterday we still hadnt completed all of the patients washes by the end of the early shift. All of the meals were handed out up to two hours late. We had two carers taken away from us by the bleep holder due to the fact the ward had 'two student nurses' on duty. The shift was chaos, however I tip my hat to the ward sister who was on yesterday, she ensured that all of the patients received their medications on time, all of the patients were sent for their tests as the doctors ordered. She delegated tasks incredibly.

For now I've got three scrubs box sets, a large bar of chocolate, and a huge bean bag. I've just got to hope i'm fit for work tomorrow.

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