Wednesday, 16 July 2008


Its only since I have started working on this placement that I have noticed the accuracy in television programmes like scrubs and house. The medicine in them is generally way off, but in regards to life in a hospital. Even some of the more unrealistic plot lines come to pass in a real hospital. The hospital benefactor becoming a patient, the dementia patient making a break for it and being found hours later down the local pub, the old woman who attacks any nurses in range with her walking frame, the two patients in their late seventies being caught having sex in a side room, the doctors with funny beeper tones and occasionally the odd medical mystery.

If you listen really, really, really hard whilst on the ward you can almost hear the backing music which I'm sure alternates between the benny hill theme and how to save a life by the fray.


naturewitch said...

ROFL at your post! Really enjoyed it. Sure you don't want to study naturopathy instead?

Love your blog title, btw - found you through another blog I visit.

love and light

Asclepius said...

I'm absolutely shocked that anyone would want to read my blog. :)

I have no idea what naturopathy is. Nursing is my thing, low pay, high stress, none of the credit and all of the blame :P i'm clearly not normal.

Anonymous said...

hehe, I liked this post:) Randomly stubled across it when I was looking for blog _about_ southamton:)

And btw, how to save a life by the frey, should be playing in every hospital coridors:p