Sunday, 15 June 2008

On time

How is it that I, the supernumerary, student nurse am always the last person to leave when the shift I am on finishes?

My shift yesterday had ended, my colleagues on that shift had all left the ward. I stayed behind to make sure that one or two urine samples were bottles, documented and sent for testing. I wanted to make sure a patient who was off her head on zomorph wasnt going to pull out her cannulas and ng tube. Whilst checking on her she vomited rather impressively.

None of this bothered me. I'd sooner come home and get a good nights rest knowing I had done everything I should have done at work than come home and stayed awake all night thinking 'damn I forgot to do X or check Y". I may only be a student but the level of autonomy I am given does come with a certain amount of responsibility. Especially when those who are meant to be supervising me have left the ward.

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