Friday, 16 May 2008


My heart is racing(roughly 110bpm at rest).
My breathing is rapid(16-17 breaths per minute).
My pupils are tightly contracted.
Blood is being diverted from my Digestive Tract to my Muscles.
This is causing nausea.
My Head is aching.
I'm Dizzy.

I'm on my seventh large mug of coffee. My body is responding to chemicals that are exciting all the cells that are needed in a high stress situation. Unfortunately I'm not in a physically demanding situation. I am trying to revise for my upcoming Life Sciences Exam. You would not believe how effectively high doses of caffeine hinder concentration. Interesting experiencing the effects and being able to appreciate exactly what is occurring though.

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Asclepius said...

Upon further research it appears I was just under two mugs from a 'Clinical Overdose' whoops!