Saturday, 26 April 2008

Full Moon

Ok so it must be a full moon because the world out there tonight is full of what we in healthcare call whack-jobs. As some of you may have deduced I have just come off a duty with St John Ambulance,

Lets start with a tale of extreme parental negligence, A gentleman walked up to us and indicated to his 10 year old son who was shoeless and using crutches to support a very obviously injured ankle. He asked us what was best for a sprained ankle. We asked how the lad had hurt himself. "he fell off a stage". I recommended rest, ice, compression and elevation. It surprised me that the doctor they saw hadnt recommended this also, as they were walking away I noticed the crutch wasnt hospital issue. This child had an ankle with all the signs of a break and had not been taken to see a doctor. This played on my mind and during hte intermission I tracked down the father and strongly suggested he take his child to see a doctor as soon as was convenient. My problem here isnt with a father who dislikes A&E and walk-in clinics on a saturday. Its with a father who suggests his child walk around shoeless using a walking aid that was far too large for him.

Next up, during the same duty was a man who worked at the venue. He wanted to clear room for the ice creams to be sold at the back of the auditorium, but rather than asking any of us to move so this could be accomplished quickly and efficiently before the intermission, he just grabbed my arm.....and pulled.

Many of you know that I dont like being touched at the best of times, even by people I like, its just my thing. However this was rude, and could easily fall under the catagory of assault. So I informed the gentleman in question that we WOULD be stepping outside of a discussion where upon I informed him that were he to touch me or any of my colleagues in such a manner again the following events would not be his fondest memories. He apologised half-heartedly and walked away. This irritated me even more, however his superior was sat in the stairwell unbeknownest to either of us. The usher approached me later in order to apologise more sincerly, from this I assume his boss had had a word with him. I told him it would be in his best interests to stop talking and walk away.


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