Tuesday, 29 April 2008


Once again I find myself breathlessly angry. I am a regular reader of Random Acts of Reality. Recently Tom Reynolds spoke on Radio 5 regarding This Issue. During this time Paramedics, and EMT's were being called cowards and infact compared to nazi's for following orders. If you arrive at the scene of a violent crime, you HAVE to wait for the police to arrive. You do not rush in there and get yourself stabbed. What good is a highly qualified , highly trained, DEAD paramedic? Yes medical staff have a duty of care. however they are not trained, or equipped to handle these situations, thats what the police are for. And even the police have strict guidelines on how to proceed. The first caller referred to paramedical professionals as nazi's.

I appreciate this post isnt terribly clear but I am so angry my hands are still shaking.

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